CBD can act on the brains serotonin levels levels thereby increasing the feeling of overall well being.

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What are CBD Teas

CBD tea is a tea containing cannabidiol (CBD) naturally found in hemp plants. Drinking CBD-infused tea may help with stress, anxiety , sleep disorders and to maintain healthy gut heath. CBD is a naturally occurring product and its cleanliness and neuroprotective properties make it extremely appealing.

CBD tea is a brewable CBD product that can be enjoyed in exactly the same way as a usual tea. It hosts the same properties as other CBD products with the added benefit of being the enjoyable tea of your choice. It takes very little preparation and can be enjoyed at any point in the day - ideal for anyone who's busy.

CBD teas are an excellent means to help unwind, relax, and melt away the stresses of the day.

CBD Edibles stimulates more than your taste buds.

The feeling of wellness we can get from indulging in a fine edible product is enhanced by the inclusion of CBD, thereby creating an entourage effect, one good feeling leads to another.