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About Our Products

Learn about the story and benefits of our product lines.



Herbal teas have been used for many years for their beneficial effects to help with sleep, anxiety, stress and minor aches and pains. Caffeine free and with 12  teabags in each packet, each with less than 0.2 % mg of THC these CBD Teas are an excellent and convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD.  


CBD edibles have become exceptionally popular over the last few years. These days you can find CBD in just about everything, from honey and chocolate bars cookies and brownies. Here at CBTea.Ltd we believe in quality over quantity . CBD edibles are a great, easy, and convenient way to take CBD if you don’t love the taste of CBD oils. CBD edibles produce many of the same benefits as using related products like CBD oil, such as that they can help with issues such as stress, anxiety, minor aches pain.

Not to be consumed if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Always check with your GP if taking medication

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